Designing and manufacturing of furnaces and powder coating equipment
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Designing and manufacturing of furnaces and powder coating equipment Launching powder powder coating equipment with baking ovens and conveyor systems and automatic and manual washing systems Paint cabin, Saccoron paint recycling, Hand paint spraying and robotic, Ground and air conveyors, Line paint conveyor, Conveyor repair and reconstruction, Towing and monorail (ground and air) conveyors, All conveyor equipment, Tunnel furnace, Paint baking oven , Teflon Furnace, Drying Furnace, Canvier production line, Canvier color line An example of the company's activities: Creation of Electrostatic Powder Paint Cooking Burners and Cooking Furnaces Hot Air Paint Making Spray and Crimping System Design and construction of a variety of ground and air conveyors (monorail and troll) Design and manufacture of color recycling devices (saclon and monosaclon) Products : All kinds of baking powder cooking furnaces  Types of drying ovens Various types of sprinkler systems Types of cabin spray paint and liquid  Colors of color and liquid paint room  Color of the furniture  Types of powder colored saclones in various capacities (Saccleon and Monosaclon)  Powder dispenser (manual and automatic) All services are provided with warranty and valid after sales service Design and construction of color lines. Contact us for advice and get clever solutions for your collection. Landline: 02155266002 Mobile: 09126343295 Site:  Address: Ayatollah Saidi Highway, Chaharandeh Industrial Town, Kaveh St., No. 94


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